Trey Chapman


As Co-Founder and President of Erthwrks, Inc., Trey Chapman is responsible for all marketing, business development, and relations companywide. He also acts as Project Manager on multiple projects. His vast knowledge of pollution control systems, FTIR, GC methodology, and various pollutant instruments equips him for organizing, prepping, and setting up projects in the field for all methods, compiling test reports, and performing all QA/QC on emission test reports for regulatory agency submission.

With more than 25 years of experience in air measurements, Trey’s qualifications include active participation in a variety of air measurement projects, with primary responsibilities in preparation, field sampling, sample recovery, data analysis, and reporting.

  • Extensive knowledge of large projects, budgeting, and preparation
  • Excellent administrative and communication skills that can prove helpful in coordinating and motivating for top efficiency
  • Cost management skills and knowledge of budget attainment on each level
  • Attention to detail to effectively prioritize duties to meet timely deadlines
  • Creative thinking ability
  • High standard of ethics as a business practitioner


Trey grew up in East Texas and attended Baylor University, where he received two Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Environmental Studies. Upon graduation in the spring of 1998, Trey began his career at Cubix Corporation in Austin, TX where he quickly became the youngest project manager. TRC Corporation bought Cubix in 2005. As a project manager throughout his professional career, and solely responsible for all bulk fuel loading terminal testing, Trey has gained invaluable experience and technical expertise that has helped him grow into one of the leaders in the industry.

Our Senior Leadership

Trey Chapman

Operation Manager

John Wood [QSTI]

Technical Director

Jarrod Hoskinson [QSTI]

Upstream/Midstream Service Manager

Luke Morrison [QSTI]

Downstream Service Manager