Gasoline Loading Terminals Testing

Erthwrks is considered one of the foremost companies in the United States in conducting state and federal compliance testing at gasoline and petroleum products storage and loading terminals. The emission testing on vapor combustor units (VCUs) and vapor recovery units (VRUs) are more complex and demanding than other source testing projects, and, throughout the years, Erthwrks has proven itself a true expert in this niche market. As a testament to this, Erthwrks has been invited to several oil and flue gas conferences to discuss the various compliance issues associated with gasoline loading terminals and their required compliance tests. Working not as just as a testing auditor, Erthwrks will work with your petroleum facility personnel to educate and guide from proposal to submitted report to ensure a successful project.

gasoline terminal testing services

Rail Loading Facility

gasoline terminal testing services

Barge Loading Facility

Erthwrks has a history of working with engineers who develop terminal vapor collection systems and their associated control devices. In these instances, Erthwrks has been a primary point of contact and subject matter expert for engineering design changes and/or product throughput affect emissions.

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