Patrick Deschner

VP - Terminal Operations

Patrick Deschner serves as the Bulk Fuel Loading Terminals Operations Manager for Erthwrks, Inc., and is responsible for project initiation and proposal submission, test plan completion, scheduling, coordinating with clients, and overseeing all field-testing personnel.  As the primary client contact, Patrick offers expertise in the operation and compliance aspects of the units we test and ensures that all test reports are accurately compiled and provided to clients.

With his extensive management experience and knowledge of business operations, clients can rely on Patrick to diagnose, troubleshoot, and recommend options to complete projects while maintaining compliance.

Unlike the rest of our team, Patrick comes to Erthwrks, Inc., from the food-and-beverage industry, and brings a unique perspective to our operations.  His many years of successfully training and managing a variety of different people and meeting very specific and ever-changing budgetary requirements make him uniquely qualified to inform and satisfy both personnel and clients.

His decision to move to the air pollution testing industry was motivated by a desire to have a sustaining career that allows for personal fulfillment through challenging adaptation and advancement. His organizational abilities, interpersonal skills, and strong managerial presence have proven invaluable. Since Patrick joined Erthwrks, Inc., we have seen incredible growth in the BGLT sector of the business, with continued expansion believed to be an expected and, ultimately, necessary achievement.

Moving forward, Patrick’s goal is to continue the growth of this portion of the business while maintaining the same high level of expertise that our clients have come to expect. This starts with continued training of personnel as well as truly standing by the motto that Erthwrks, Inc., clients are our “compliance partners.”

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