Engineering and PEMS Testing

Engineering Tests

In order to gain a comprehensive look at the emission factors during the operation of a source, Erthwrks provides comprehensive engineering tests for our clients. These tests can be used to improve our client’s understanding of an upset industrial process or to gain more insight before beginning a full compliance test. Erthwrks recommends a well-developed engineering test plan for specialty systems that have yet to undergo a full-compliance test. By utilizing Erthwrk’s superior senior staff, engineering tests might not be necessary, but they can provide valuable insight into the air emissions permit application process.

Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS) Testing

For clients who have installed PEMS (Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems) systems to calculate emissions, Erthwrks provides both initial compliance and ongoing certification testing. For the initial install phase of a PEMS, Erthwrks’ highly technical staff with a background in the emissions from the source where the PEMS is installed, can be a valuable partner in generating the correct algorithm for future success.

Serving various industries worldwide, Erthwrks
provides professional environmental air emissions
testing audits (stack testing) and consulting services.